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SYB's Outreach Program

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Susquehanna Youth Ballet is committed to bringing arts education and appreciation to a wide variety of audiences throughout Northern Maryland and South Central Pennsylvania communities. SYB has developed multiple educational outreach programs that strive to reach audiences in a variety of ways. 

We invite you to bring the ballet to your classroom, library, rec center or business! Treat your students to a unique learning opportunity that transforms your vibrant classroom into a ballet stage.

When you are mapping your curriculum for the 2023-24 year, consider including these unique educational programs into your arts planning. 

We offer a wide spectrum of:
Artistic genres and disciplines
Different dance forms
Art history
Physical fitness
Theatre etiquette

All performances feature the dancers of the Susquehanna Youth Ballet. We are proud to have hundreds of audience members through outreach each season!

This can’t-miss opportunity to learn about various dance forms, history and stagecraft is not only a wonderful learning experience but also comes free of charge. Students and adults of all ages are invited to attend these special performances.

Our productions are specially made to:
Provide a deep understanding of the art form of ballet
Enrich the lives of every patron in attendance
Educate the community at the highest level each season
Leave you yearning to learn more about the performing arts

Performances last approximately an hour and include Q&A. Productions are narrated so each student has a clear understanding of the story. This once in a lifetime learning opportunity and is not only a wonderful educational and cultural experience for your students but also a superb value.

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